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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Chinese New Year And My Wallet

Went to visit my cousins and relatives today...caught up with old times and found out that J is going to NS later on this year (His PES is A). In my cousin's house...we played PS 2 chat and talked a lot of stuff that until now I still can't remember. Collected red packets and counted the money collected. Sadly...the amount is less then last year's.

Anyway, I reached home and unpacked all my red packets...only to discover that...I lost my wallet. Guess what? My 11B (similar to an Identity Card) was in my wallet along with my EZ-link and ATM card. Just imagine how panicky I became...I called the wrong person for help...walked outside without shoes to look for my wallet...and worse still, mistook my auntie for my uncle. In the end...I found it in the car. Just imagine the relief I experienced as losing your 11B can be a serious thing in NS.

Must be more careful next my wallet still here?'s just beside me now. Good.


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Blogger Vern said...

Hey! Good to hear dat u didn't lost ur wallet. ;-)

5:02 PM, February 10, 2005  

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