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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day On Sunday

Today is Father's Day so it was no surprise that the sermon today was about fathers.

The text was taken from Luke 15:12-28. It's the passage about the prodigal son. The one preaching talked about the father figure in this passage. I will just summarise the points that he touched on.

1. Luke 15:12

He is a wise father in that he allowed the son to go. This is to allow him to make mistakes and learn from them.

2. Luke 15:20

He is a patient father. This is so as he is always waiting outside...waiting for his son to realise his mistake and come home.

3. Luke 15:20-22

He did not blame the son for not listening to him. Instead he forgive him and held a party for him.

4. Luke 15:28,31

When the eldest son became angry, he went out and entreated for him to come and join the party.

Well if you have not noticed, we also have a heavenly Father above. So it's good that we should have some quiet time and think of all His goodness that he has shown towards us.

By the way...the one preaching was my father :)

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