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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Recently, I realised that numbers are so important to our life. I knew that long ago...but it was only when I was bored and started to stare at the numbers on the clock did I fully appreciate its importance. I am going to list a few ways of how numbers are important to bring my point across...

1. The address we have consists of numbers.
2. Handphone and telephone numbers.
3. 4D and TOTO results for Singaporeans.
4. Our PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) result.
5. The money in our bank account (the number of zeroes at the right place makes a lot of difference, eg. $100.00 and $10.00).
6. Interest rates offered by various banks.
7. The number of children per family (very important for countries with a decreasing population).
8. The number of friends you have (the more the merrier).
9. The number of enemies you have (you won't want to score high for this one).
10. The numbers on price tags.
11. The days you have left before enlistment day.
12. The minutes you have left before lights-out.
13. The number of days left before book-out day/POP.
14. The number of seconds left before you collect your A Level/O Level/PSLE/4D/TOTO result.
15. The figure shown on the meter when you take a taxi (especially so if you have just book-out and you are taking a taxi back to Jurong).
16. The number of days you have on your MC.
17. The number of days you are on Attend B.
18. The score for your live range.
19. Your IPPT score (to see if you qualify for a Gold, Silver or Pass).
20. The number of days you have for your annual leave.
21. The number of people you need to give/receive your red packets on Chinese New Year.
22. Your debt that you have not repayed yet.
23. Your monthly salary.
24. Shares that you have bought (whether they went up or down and by how much).
25. The amount of sleep you get every day (7 hours is the optimum).

Feel free to contribute to this list of "How numbers are important in our daily life".


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