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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Back From Camp

Can't believe that today's book-out timing is 1015! happy. Anyway, I reached home at around 12 pm...that's about 2 hrs from Mohawk Company to my living room.

A LOT of things have happened within this week in camp...


Found out that the OOT Rec E, is a slacker. He leaves most of the job to J and wonder J is irritated by him. Today, when J asked E for help, E pointed the finger at J! Can't believe that E actually did that! E is asking for trouble for doing that as J has a black belt in Taekwando. J is able to do any kind of kicks just to finish E off. E should count himself lucky that he is still alive.


Got my postings this weekend. I need to go for a re-BMT around the 8th of April. This means that after my friends POP (Passing-Out-Parade or graduate), I will still be in Mohawk Company until the 8th while my friends are posted to other Units. Sad...very sad. But what can I do? Heard that my new Company would still be in BMTC School 2. E got his postings too...he is posted as a Service Medic in Nee Soon Camp. J is still waiting for his postings. Hm...wonder which Company would I go to? Hope that I would get Leopard Company...heard that they are a welfare Company.


Heard a funny story while in camp. There was this guy who is doing his guard duty at night. While walking around the camp, he saw a figure in front of him. He got scared. But nevertheless, he needs to investigate the figure. Following procedures, he shouted "Halt!", followed by "Come over here!". As the figure moved towards him, he got scared and ran away...what kind of guard duty is


Went to the Canteen and saw E-Mart for the first time.


Found out that there were ants in my uniform that is kept in my metal cupboard. Had to put them out of the cupboard for a day so that the ants will disperse...gross man.


Did a lot of lousy work as a soldier such as watering the plants and grass (can you believe it? Grass!). Collected ice...swept the Parade the office on so forth.


Got my photo of my platoon...didn't have my face in it as I was sick on that day.


Met a lot of other OOTs. There's this guy LS. He got his postings too...not sure to where though. But will sure miss him.

I guess that's all that have happened...would add if I can still remember.

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