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Saturday, February 26, 2005

This Week In NS...

I am back from camp again. Reached home at about 1300. Went to sleep after that and went out for awhile. A lot of things had happened during this one week...

1. OC Night

Our company, Mohawk Company, had our OC Night on Wednesday (230205). Had lots of fun that night. The different platoons came up with an item each and presented them to the whole company. Personally, I like Platoon 1's was real funny. Their item was a funny imitation of Srgnt A. Haha...the whole company really laughed throughout their item. My platoon's item was quite ok. Our item was a depiction of life as a recruit in BMT (Basic Military Training). There were some funny stuff in our item such as recruits who are confused when orders are given to them. After that we had some snacks as a company before retiring for tomorrow's IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test).

2. Range

We went to the Range from Monday to Wednesday. I was helping the recruits to load their magazines before they go and fire at the range. There were some recruits who misfired and got confined in the weekend...this means that they cant's quite sad for them. These three days allowed me to experience live firing of our rifles. Man...was it LOUD!!. So much so that we had to put on ear plugs to protect our ears. My job as an OOT is to load magazines, distribute them and keep stock of them. I really had a lot of practice in loading the magazine as I was required to load around 100 rounds in a few minutes as the recruits need them for their shoot. Luckily, J was around to help me on Monday. It was really quite an experience.

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