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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Us At Prom Night

Prom Night. It was on December 2004. We dressed our best, took photos with one another and cried together. For me, it really was sad to spend the last day with the friends that I have spent my 2 years with. Some of us weren't there though. I guess they may be busy with their own personal activities.

There were lame games that we played, great food that we ate and emotional songs that we sang. There was also the crowning of our batch's Prom King and Prom Queen. The most memorable event of the whole event seemed to happen at our table only. I didn't really care about what happened outside our table. For me, it was our table that mattered. This is so as it may be the last day that we see each other.

The food was great, especially the Shark's Fin (my favourite). However, the thought that the day after tomorrow will be the day I get enlisted into National Service really drove my appetite away.

In the end, everything ended. We parted and went home...with memories of our beloved class, 03S21.

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