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Thursday, December 08, 2005

In The Bus - "Do I Know Him?"

I was on the bus standing. It was then that three guys (I think from Poly) in front of me started talking.

A: Ta hen xiang leh
B: Shi meh? Lian kan qi lai hen xiang, ke shi..
C: Tou fa ye shi hen xiang ta de.

The three of them looked at me. I looked out of the window.

B: Ni ken ding si ta ma?
C: Bu dong leh. Ta kan qi lai hen jing.
A: Ni bu ru gen ta jiang hua?
B: Wo? Bu yao lah...kan ta name jing.

I just listened...

I knew they were talking about me. But do I know them? It seems that they know me as evident from their conversation, but do I know them?

I looked at the three of them as they were talking...but there wasn't any bell ringing. I don't recognise them. Then one of them alighted while the other two went behind to sit. I continued standing there. I think they are still discussing about me. But do they know me? Or was it all just some prank by the three of them?

Well, I am not too sure.

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