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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mau Kenalan Gak?

** Updated on 01 November 07 **

Something happened yesterday but I didn't blogged about it as I was busy preparing for today's Physics CA 2. The test is over and now I can write what happened yesterday.

I was with my friend (Let's call him Van) from Effective Communication eating at the canteen below LWN. He's from Jakarta, Indonesia. We were eating half-way when suddenly he waved to someone behind me. I didn't bother to turn around and look as after all, it's his friends. So after waving, he said something.

Van: Hey. Did you know that they are from Medan like you?

When I heard this, I turned around as I wanted to see who his friends were. It's nice to meet people from the place where I grew up in.

Me: Where?
Van: There! Those three girls over there.

Girls?!?! Did he just say girls? Is he trying to hint something?

Van: One of them is attached already.

I was thinking why would he tell me that.

Me: So how did you meet them?

And so we talked about the 3 girls. I looked at them but couldn't see their face as their backs were facing me. They were over at the Malay stall buying something.

Van: So do you want to get to know them?

Lol...what is this? Matchmaking?

Me: Haha...why would you say that?Van: Don't worry...they are very nice people.


Then I saw that they finally bought their food and walked over to my side. My back faced them so they couldn't see me. Van, who was sitting in front of me saw them and waved at them! Oh no! He's really going to intro me...better do something fast.

Van: Makan di mana? (Where are you guys eating?)
One Girl: Di situ. (There.)
Van: Oh oke. (Okay)

Phew! He was just asking a simple question. The 3 girls walked past me. I didn't get to see them and I don't think they saw me. Even if they did, they would only see my back at most. Then suddenly...

Van: Oei! Mau kenalan gak? (Oei! Do you want to get to know someone?)

I almost choked on my food. What on earth was he thinking? I don't know how many of the girls heard him shout. made me sound so despo.

Van: Dia besarnya di Medan juga. Habis itu datang ke Singapore untuk study. (He grew up in Medan too. After that he came over to Singapore to study.)
Girl: Oh gitu yah. (Oh I see.)

Shucks. Now I have to say something...I hope there wasn't any rice or sauce over at my mouth else, it will be a very bad first impression. I just wrote a 7-part story on some girl from Medan and now something similar happened. Sheesh.

I turned around and I saw her...

Yup...she does look like someone from Medan. Anyway, I better say something.

Me: Dari mana?
Girl: Medan.
Me: Oh...which part?
Girl: Er...yah Medan.
Me: As in...Medan mana?
Girl: Medan...yah Medan kan?

Lol...this is going nowhere. I rephrased my question.

Me: Jalan mana?
Girl: Oh...Jalan ABC.

She told me the name but I can't remember. She was standing behind holding her plate of rice and it's not very nice if I dragged the conversation any further. Then I smiled and she left. After she left, I continued to eat.

This incident made me think about the story I wrote (the posts before this). It's really a coincidence. Then suddenly I realized something...could her name be...

Me: you know her name?
Van: Oh you mean the girl you talked to just now?
Me: Yah...
Van: Well...her name is...

I was listening...could her name be exactly the same as the lady in the story?

Van: Vindy.

I that's how it was.

(Note to Vindy: It was nice meeting another person from Medan :) )
(Note to Van: almost made me choke on my rice!!!)

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