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Friday, November 02, 2007

How Come I Always See Him When I See You?

It happened yesterday. I had Life Science lecture. So I went to school early to print the lecture notes. I walked over to Lee Wee Nam and saw that there were some unused computers below. So I went down.

I walked to one computer second from the edge. I placed my bag down and log-in. Waited for awhile...

Done. Next I opened Internet Explorer and went to edventure. I clicked on the Life Science subject.

Then I heard a familiar voice...I didn't turn my head to see who it was as I was busy looking at my notes. They talked in Chinese but I'll just translate them to English. Apparently, the girl (whom I recognize) was talking to the guy beside me!

Girl: Hello!
Guy: Hi!
Girl: Printing notes is it?
Guy: the way...
Girl: ???
Guy: How come I always see him when I see you?

Lol...I didn't know what to say. What he said was true. Last Thursday, when I went to school early, I bumped into her while walking to LWN. After printing my notes, as I walked out, I bumped into her again. Today, I bumped into her again. So I guess, it wasn't surprising that the guy would ask the girl this question.

Girl: Where got?

Lol...what an answer. I tried to print my notes, but ALAS! There wasn't any printer connected to this computer. So I log-off and went to another computer. I was afraid that by doing so, the girl and guy may think that I was offended by that question and walked away. Aiya...the reason I walked away was because there wasn't any printer connected to the computer.

I went to another computer and printed the lecture notes. I went to the photocopying shop and ALAMAK! It was one slide per page! Shucks! I wasted $$$. Normally, I would have printed 2 slides per page and double-sided. I guess I was distracted by that comment. Never mind.

After printing, I walked out. I saw her again! Lol...I don't know what to say. I went to lecture.

After the lecture, I went to Lib 2 with my friend. We looked through some books. After that, we decided to go to Canteen B and have our lunch before Maths lecture. So we went there as I walked down the stairs, I saw her. She walked up the stairs. I didn't know whether she did look at me as I didn't look at her (I was busy trying to watch my footing so that I won't fall down the staircase). So she walked past me. It was super drama loh!

I don't know what all these means. What makes the whole thing more interesting is that this girl was the one who I suspect may have some interests in *ahem*.

Okay let me stray away from this topic now...

After maths lecture, I went to LWN with one Indonesian friend to study. While we studied, he mentioned something very meaningful. He mentioned that he's in some CCA that does Voluntary Work. In his CCA, he helps the blind people by giving them tuition. He told me that he was impressed by their determination to study despite their handicap. It wasn't easy for the blind to study, but still they studied. Inspiring isn't it?

It's a sad world, but if you are an employer, would you employ a healthy or a handicap person? The truth sometimes can be unkind, but despite that, these blind people still choose to study.

I was touched by this short piece of testimony from my friend. After knowing this, I will feel guilty if I don't study when I can see.

Exams are coming and I hope that this story will help all of us to be inspired to study hard. If the blind can study, what excuse do we, who can see, have?

All the best for your exams :D

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