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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Percussion Section

This is the Percussion section where I spent two years of my junior college (JC) life with. We are from the National Junior College Symphonic Band. The guy not wearing black, Ming Feng, is our senior. We have 9 members altogether. They consists of:

3 JC 2 students
5 JC 1 students
1 IP student

The JC 2 students are an energetic bunch of people. By the way, I am a Year 2 when this photo was taken. They organise outings for the section and bonding sessions (having lunch together or practising together).

The JC 1 students are lively and enthusiastic. They are eager to learn and not afraid to try new stuff. Some played the tambourine for the first time while others dared to play the drum set.

The most interesting member of the section however, is the IP student. He is talented in the drum set. He was the drummer for the song "The Final Countdown" and "Tubthumping" for the symphonic band's concert. He also tells lame jokes for the section, only to receive stares of "Huh? Was that even funny?" followed by laughter. He is also the object of discriminatory remarks such as "Haha...IP student...HAHA!!" However, I think that he doesn't mind it at all, as they are all family :)

By the way, the IP student is actually a Year 2 student. But is referred as an IP student by the section as he is

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