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Saturday, March 12, 2005

POP (Passing Out Parade)

It's that day finally. The day where Mohawk recruits no longer need to hear Sergeants scolding them, the stand-by beds, half-left downs and many more.

But for's a different story. Being an OOT (Out Of Training), I am on an immediate recourse. The date is on the 8th of April. I heard that I will be in School 2 but as for which company....that I am not too sure. I heard that I will be posted to either Pegasus, Raven or Orion as a recruit. I just hope that I will be posted to the most slack company.

For now, I will be helping my current Mohawk company in their admin stuff and the PES E batch later on this Monday. I am granted permstaff privileges like a Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 5pm job. But I won't be able to board the bus service as it's only for permstaff with the pass card. I tried to get one but HQ didn't give...said something like they no longer issue the cards. Haiz...guess I will have to do with what I have now.

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Blogger Steve said...

A M-F 8 to 5 job isn't necessarily the best thing. I used to work every day except Mondays and Thursdays, and it was great. I liked having free time when nobody else was around, and you didn't have to deal with traffic when I went to work on the weekends.

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5:07 AM, March 18, 2005  

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