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Friday, March 04, 2005

Tekong And A Level Examination Results!!

A lot of things have in Tekong and my A Level Results!!

1. CO Night

Quite a nice performance. Personally I think that Pegasus Company performed the best. The worst is Raven Company (sorry to those from Raven Coy).

Pegasus performed the song "I Believe I Can Fly"...a pegasus can fly, maybe that's why they choose that song. The 2 lead singers were superb! They may be the next Taufik. Heard that Taufik joined Singapore Idol after performing for CO Night. He performed so well that they encouraged him to join. In the end, he became a Singapore Idol.

Raven Company did badly because their performance item was long and was also not entertaining at all. I heard phrases like "Shoot me!! I can't stand it anymore!!", "Go home can't perform!" and some other vulgarities which I won't say.

2. Funny Name

I went to the cookhouse one day to have my lunch. It was then that I saw a recruit with the name M C Ong. Well, in Hokkien, it means "MC King" (someone who likes to malinger and skive).

3. J's Posting

J has received his posting. He is going to 3rd Signal. Well, I will be more busy as I will soon be the only OOT after J has gone to the new camp. I will definitely miss working with him.

4. A Level Results!!

It's that time of the year again...the time where people rejoice or mourn. It's the release of the A Level Results. Was in school quite I decided to drop by the band room to see my juniors and juniors' juniors. After that at exactly 2.30pm, I went to the hall to collect my results. The principal gave a talk on I-have-already-forgotten-what-it-is. Then I went to see Mrs Khoo (my form teacher)...(Jaws theme playing). Then I collected my result...BABB. What should I say? I was like "huh?"...don't know whether to be happy or sad...expected a number of Cs but they didn't appear. However, I guess I am quite content with the result as I am typing this entry now. There are others who did better by having AAAA (EM and N from my class)...and some others who did not do so well. The results are known's now time to choose a university and the course of study.

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