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Saturday, May 28, 2005


I am back from camp again. This week was quite a slack week actually, except for Thursday where we had SOC (Standard Obstacle Course), BAC (Battle Assault Course) and a 2.4 km run.

We did the SOC in our SBO (Skeletal Battle Order) attire. This consists of our webbing, helmet and rifle. We are required to run a certain distance before actually going through the obstacles itself. For me, I was already very tired after the run. Upon seeing the first obstacle, the low wall, I already felt demoralised. But nevertheless, I still need to clear all the obstacles...or at least try. True enough the low wall was too high for me to clear. Even though there were Sergeants helping me, I still could not clear it. Sad. Then came the next obstacle and the next and the next...there are 11 obstacles in all. After clearing all of them, we are required to run back to the starting point. This really stress your body out. Unfortunately, one of my platoon mates was injured during the exercise and had to be evacuated immediately to the Medical Centre. Apparantly, he had injured his left knee by landing and falling sideways after jumpin down from an obstacle known as the "Ramp". He is now in a much better condition though and is able to walk by himself.

Next...BAC. This was the final segment of our BCCT (Basic Close Combat Training) package. We went to the BAC grounds. There are 11 stations in it. When it was my group's turn, we went behind the starting point and got ready. When the instructor shouted "On Guard!", we went "HYAHH!!" and got ready. The instructor blew the whistle and we ran and took cover using the small wall in front of us. The next whistle came and we charged out of the wall and charged towards a dummy soldier in front of us and executed a series of kicks. Sadly, for my lane, the dummy soldier was too high. So I ended up kicking his legs...(what a joke) buddy whose lane is just beside mine, saw it and started to laugh. We are suppose to scream and shout so as to appear aggressive. However, my friend was laughing and did not look fierce at all. As for myself, I was down there kicking the legs of the dummy. We are suppose to kick the sides and head...and not the legs. Anyway, we continued and charged to the next station. We executed a series of leopard crawls and back crawls and one baby walk. Finally, when everything was over, we all had sand and soil in our me it felt disgusting.

We went back, had our lunch and changed to our PT (Physical Training) attire. Next was our 2.4km run. We were all tired from the first two activities and now this. Who said that the Army was relaxing? We dragged our feets to the stadium. When the whistle blows, all of us started to run...and run......and run.........and run............until we reached the end point. Phew...what a tiring day.

Luckily, we were all granted a rest day the next day, which is Friday. This is to allow us to rest for our IPPT (Individual Physical Profiency Test) the next day, which is today - Saturday.

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