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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sit Test (Situational Test) Day 1

Sit Test - The 3 days that determines whether you go to Officer Cadet School (OCS) or School of Infantry Specialists (SISPEC) or some other vocation.

The day started out with the 12 km road march. This time in Full Battle Order (FBO). This means that we will march in long four instead admin. We had water breaks for every 2 km and resting breaks for every 4 km. Sure was tough but all of us made it eventually.

After reaching the site, we ate combat rations for lunch and assembled into our Details. My Detail was C - Charlie. My team mates were friendly and nice. We built our basha tents and got to know our team mates better. About 13 recruits from Viper Company were attached to us. At night we watched the movie "Hitch". The recruits from Viper could not believe it as their Company is not a welfare company like Scorpion. After the movie, everyone retired to their basha tents after the powder bath ritual.

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