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Saturday, April 23, 2005

A New Company And New Friends

Finally!! I am back from Tekong. I had already spent 2 weeks there as a recruit. The experience was tough but nevertheless, meaningful as I had made new friends in the two weeks.

I am in Scorpion Company, Platoon 3, Section 2. We have a total of 12 men in our section. The sergeants and warrant officers in charge of us were very slack (which is good :) ). I still remember my days in Mohawk Company. The officers and sergeants were very strict and fierce. We recruits were expected to be perfect in everything we do (which is obviously impossible, since we have just entered military life.)

Don't think that Scorpion Company is totally slack. They too have some form of regimentation and discipline. We have foot drills, arm drills and many more.

Now on to my section, the people who sleep with me in our bunk.

Bed 1 - Emanuel

Quite quiet at first. However after knowing him, I can see that he is quite a joker. A funny person actually. He is also childish as at times he will play childish games such as "Ci Go Pa" (A game played by Primary school students in Singapore) and "Scissors-Paper-Stone". Can you imagine soldiers playing such games? Well, I guess he still is a civilian after all.

Bed 2 - Lewis

A guy is always laughed at. But he does not mind it at all. Rumour has it that he is the "white horse" of our section. However I think that this is a rumour started to make fun of him. He SMSes very frequently everyday. He even borrowed my handphone battery to SMS. Later on did I find out that he misses his girlfriend, hence the frequent SMSes.

Bed 3 - Jerris

The second Platoon IC. His commands and actions are really funny as the Platoon IC. His commands are wrong, his marching needs improvement and his movemens are sloppy. This is why he is always being "tekan" (scolded) by the sergeants. However, he has improved a lot already. Sadly, another Platoon IC has been chosen.

Bed 4 - Shawn

A cool kind of guy. He is helpful and nice too. Hm...I think that's all I can say. (Sorry Shawn).

Bed 5 - Ryan

An easy-going guy. Joked a lot with him. There is one thing that the both of us in common - both our knees hurt. His knees start to hurt quite early. Mine began to hurt later on during the 2 weeks. However, we still encouraged each other to continue on with the training.

Bed 6 - Esmond

Nicknamed as "Teddy Bear" by our Section Commander. Both Esmond and me are the only ones in our section that are "Zero Fighters" (Those who can't do even one chin-up). He is quite a nice person too.

Bed 7 - Jack

Easy going and one nice. He talks on his handphone almost everyday...I wonder if he is talking to his girlfriend.

Bed 8 - Meng Yee

A very nice and helpful person. He impressed me on one occasion during the 2 weeks. Our platoon was suppose to clean our toilet one day as it was in a terrible condition. What made it worse was that there was a cubicle with a toilet bowl that is stuck with "human waste matter" piled up high. However, this Meng Yee volunteered selflessly to dig up the brown matter with his own bare hands. Everyone was stunned. But his selfless deed definitely made a deep impression on the people around him. In the end, we finished cleaning the toilet, especially the "toilet bowl". A candidate for OCS (An officer course).

Bed 9 - Kevin

Although he is very quiet, he is still very helpful and nice. He will help his bunk mates in filling up our green water bottles at night. He does it without expecting any reward.

Bed 10 - Ser Hwee

My assigned buddy. Realised that he is from NJC (National Junior College), the same school that I came from. He is also nice and helpful.

Bed 11 - Yong Xiang

My assigned buudy. He is known as the funny guy in our platoon. He is also helpful and nice. At times he will offerto buy drinks for the whole section.

Bed 12 - ME!

Haha...I sleep in the last bed.

Well, with bunk mates like these, I guess the tough training won't be that tough with the help and support from these guys!

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