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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Earning The Extra Income

I have search the Internet and found three more sites that help you to earn money.

1. Cashfiesta
2. Cash a Day
3. It Pays To Learn

1. Cashfiesta is a program where users will earn money by installing a program from Cashfiesta and surf as per normal. However, the rate at which you earn is really low. You can increase the rate by signing up for offers featured on their web. This will increase your rate at which you earn per hour of surfing time. Based on my calculations, I will only earn...1 cent for 5 hours of Assuming I surf 10 hours per day (which is quite a lot), I will get...$7.30 per year. pocket money per week is much more than that.

2. Cash a Day works by sending to subscribers e-mails. Users just need to read and/or click them to earn money. The rate is also very low and only increase if you refer friends to it. The rate is like 2 cents per e-mail.

3. It Pays to Learn is an interesting site. You do quizzes and do some conversion of the points to get cash. At least here you get to learn things. For me, I learnt that the timpany is also known as the kettle drum. How's that for online learning? Here you also get to refer friends to this program to increase your earnings.

Sadly, it is not easy to earn extra income from the Net. Guess I better focus on my University education for better employment prospects in the future. I guess nothing in this world is free, especially money.

"The love of money is the root of all evil", some-guy-whose-name-I-can't-remember

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Blogger Freud said...

the best surfbar on the net. Earn money while normally working on your computer. It's small and it doesn't disturb Better than agloco and cash fiesta

7:43 PM, October 25, 2007  

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