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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Making Cash / Money Online

I have recently chanced upon these two sites:

1. SendEarnings
2. Inbox Dollars

They sound very attractive and tempting to join. So I decided to join both. So far, I have only earned a few cents ($0.30 actually). I am a non-US resident which may be the reason why I am not earning that much as their target population is mainly US citizens even though it is open to people from other countires. I was thinking that these sites may help to give me the extra pocket money I need. Sadly, it will take a very long time before I can even buy an MP3 Player.

Then there's CA$H GAMES by Inbox Dollars and Skill Jam. Tried it and it seems promising. I have already earned like $14.00 in just less than one hour. But the downside is that you need a credit card to actually get your earnings as I don't have one. Thought of applying for one but it seems unlikely that I will get it.

So any of you have any suggestions on making the extra income?


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