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Saturday, May 07, 2005

7 Days Of Field Camp (Day 2 To Day 6)

The following days of field camp is more or less the same. There are "chiong sua" sessions such as drills, marches and movement by day and night. We also got to bath at night (I think it's 3 or 4 times through the whole 7 days). Then there was this day (Day 4 I think) where we watched a movie at night! I was like "HUH!?". Then they said that they let us see a movie as the following day will be very "xiong" (tough). Anyway...the show we watched was "We Were Soldiers". What can you expect from a field camp movie? Well...I was expecting some other shows such as "Finding Nemo" or "Power Rangers The Movie" or maybe even "Prince Of Egypt".

We had drills such as Arti Drill, Sniper Drill, Fire and Movement Drill...etc. We also learnt on how to make a range card, scanning of the environment...blah vlah flah.

On Day 6, we built trenches and our shellscrapes (I think it's spelt like that). But Yao Cheng and me were excused as we had fever for quite a few days already...three days to be exact. In the end, we slept on our ground sheet...not very comfortable though. However, one of my platoon mate, Alex K, had an unfortunate incident in his shellscrape. He was sleeping when suddenly Zhao Yan stepped on his chest! (It was dark and we weren't allowed to use the torch...I think they should allow torches to be used to prevent such things from happening.) Both Alex and Zhao Yan screamed while I was just stunned there. Then Zhao Yan went back to get his ground sheet as he forgot to bring it with him. When he came back, he almost stepped on Alex's head!! And I was like "Hey!! Stop!!" and Zhao Yan was like "OMG!!" and Alex was like "ZZZZZZZZ".

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