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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Solar Plexus And Toilet Break

Solar plexus: A dense cluster of nerve cells located just below the diaphragm. If hit, it will cause great pain and may also temporarily halt visceral functioning.

In camp, we had our BCCT (Basic Close Combat Training). There was this particular lesson where we were taught to aim for the solar plexus of the enemy. After the training, one of our instructors gave us a debrief. He said something like:

"Remember that when attacking, you must not open yourselves to an attack by the enemy. Especially your solar system..."

I can't remember the rest of his sentence as I was busy trying very hard not to laugh as I was sitting right in front of him. I looked at my friend and he too was trying very hard to suppress his laugh.

That was not the end of it.

After our training, we were given a toilet break to empty our bladder. When we came back, the same instructor wanted to know whether we had went for our toilet break. So he said something like:

"Do all of you have toilets?"

At this point of time, there were giggles.

That instructor definitely has a poor command of English. But other than that, he is a nice person.

I will be back in camp again later on today. I will be confined for about 2 weeks again as we will be having our field camp which lasts for seven days.

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