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Saturday, May 07, 2005

7 Days Of Field Camp (Day 7)

The last day of field camp!! Book-out day!!

We covered our shellscrapes and packed our stuff. Had our combat rations for bereakfast and went marched with our SBO and rifle to the Battle Inoculation Course (BIC).

At BIC, we were suppose to execute a series of leopard crawls and back crawls under live fire from a machine gunner.

We were briefed on the procedures and told to wear our ear plugs as the firing is loud.

Then my detail (Detail 6) went on to the trench - the start of the whole thing. I was quite nervous and excited at the same time. Suddenly, it's our turn. The gunfire seemed louder and I went to my lane - Lane 7.

The Sergeant in-charge gave us the signal and we went staright ahead. I pulled myself up the trench and leopard crawled all the away until the low wires in front of me. The gunfire somehow seemed distant as I was busy crawling. I did a back crawl all the way under the low wires until I reach the open where I continued to leopard crawl. This series of events repeated itself until I reached the trench in front. Guess what...I was first. I couldn't believe it at first...but I was was not the end of it yet. At the trench, I threw a grenade towards the target in front of me (btw...both grenade and target are dummies...haha). After that, I charged at the target and shouted at the top of my lungs. Wow...was that tiring.

After all of that, we washed up and listened to CO's talk.

We then marched back to company line where we cleaned our rifles from all the sand accumulated.

We cleaned our bunks...packed our stuff...and went back home!!

Book-out book-out book-out day ah!!

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