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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Controversial Scholar : Ms Chng Zhenzhi

Ms Chng Zhenzhi has recently made a lot of buzz because of her remarks on Singaporean NSmen.

"Once they enter NS, they complain a lot. I didn't know that guys could talk about the most minute things. Perhaps, they're not used to the physical training or regimentation"

This sentence of hers caused a lot of unhappy Singaporean males to comment critcally on what she had said. There are those who criticised without any form of reservations and thought. While some others shared what they thought with careful considerations and maturity, knowing that Ms Chng is still someone who deserves to be treated with respect albeit her sweeping statement. Then there's the small group of people who try to comment about the whole issue, trying to be mature and learned but obviously aren't. In other words, they are trying to show-off.

Group 1 : The unreserved lot who criticise without reservations and thought

"Wa lau eh...see this girl any-o-how talk about me. Hey! Lin be serve in NS you know...not very easy leh. Everyday chiong sua and sleep late. Then she somemore say what we not used to the physical training and all that. BS lah...she so smart ask her to go and serve lah...I think she will cry in the adjustment period already loh...haha. Still dare to say she scholar...I thought scholar must think before they speak? Haiz...looks like she have made a blunder here. Aiyah...lin be blood sio (hot) liao. Haiz...must go down and lim kopi."

Group 2 : The other mature lot who criticise with careful considerations.

"It is sad that a learned and educated woman such as Ms Chng Zhenzhi would make such a sweeping statement about the men who gave their 2 years to protect the nation including her. I understand that she may have made such a statement under pressure and without much thought during the interview. "To err is human" - we all make mistakes, including Ms Chng. "To forgive is divine" - we should learn to forgive the wrong things that others have said about us. To say that "[we] are not used to the physical training or regimentation" is wrong as most of the Singaporean males have endured through the 2 or 2 1/2 years of NS. Some of them have even choose to sign on with the army. So to say that we are not tough would be not fair. Personally, I feel that she deserves a second chance. Who knows? She may be successful in her career and contribute to the nation with some form of discovery. So we should support her instead of lashing out harmful comments about her.

Ms Chng, wishing you all the best in your future endeavours."

Group 3 : The show-offs

"Haha...tank you tank you. You want my opinion about this matter? Well, personally I feel that America should not attack Iraq as it is not ethical. Huh? You not talking about that ar? Oh ok. But the Iraq war is still related wad. The war is not ethical. But Ms Chng is in the field of bioengineering which has to consider the ethics of the research and maybe things such as the Irag war. Haha...see...I know a lot right?"

Note : The above comments by the 3 groups of people are just some of the comments that I have come across concerning this controversial issue (and yes, the third group is surprisingly out there). I hope that no one will be offended by it. As for my personal opinion...I feel that we should not be too hard on Ms Chng. She has earned her way to be what she is now. Let not her moment of weakness spoil her image as an A*Star Scholar.

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