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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sit Test (Situational Test) Day 2

This is where it all begins.

The recruits in Charlie were given different appointments. Mine was Demolition. There were other appointments such as Signal, Medic, Minefield, Navigator, Claymore and LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon). My buddy and I went to the Demolition training place and learnt about Demolition. Quite interesting stuff. We were taught on blowing up bridges and structures. After that, we went back to our Detail and shared whatever we had learnt with our fellow team mates.

The we proceeded on to our first mission. The weather was hot and we were all tired. Unfortunately, I had heat exhaustion and was sent back for treatment. At night, we watched another movie "National Treasure". The Viper recruits were shocked. But for was nothing new.

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