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Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Young Child

I went to the bank today with my father to activate my ATM card. Just right in front of us was this mother and her child...aged around 2 years. A child who has only been in the world for around 2 years. He looked cute and form of evil can be found in him.

This made me recall my childhood.

I was young and naive then...crying for everything that I wanted. If that didn't achieve my goal, I would cry louder. However, most of the times, my parents were firm with me. A no is a no and a yes is a yes. There is no such thing as a no that soon becomes a yes or a yes that turns to no later. So there's no point in crying anymore and I would just stop.

The next thing I knew was that the child in front of us cried! I guess he wanted something but his mother didn't give it to him. Everyone in the bank turned their eyes to the embarrassed mother and her child. His cry was loud and obviously attention-catching even the police guarding the bank turned to see...and he even gave a smile!

I wondered what should a parent do if faced with such a situation. Should the parent walk away and save everyone in the bank the child's cry? Or should she continue on in the queue? I may face the same problem one day if I am married with a family. So which option is the best?

Just as I was thinking of the answer to my question, the mother in front of us went out with her child, leaving us as the nest in-line. We settled my ATM card and went out of the bank.

Outside, I asked my father what he would do if he was in her position. He said that he would just stay in the queue. Either, my father was unaffected by the stares around or my cry was not loud

It's hard to be a we should appreciate them even more.


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