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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Urinary Calculus - Kidney Stones 3

I thought my mum had recovered from the pain in her abdomen. She went for a CT scan and they found out that there were kidney stones inside. Knowing this, she went for treatment, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL), where shockwaves are applied to the stones to break them to smaller pieces. She went through that and it was successful. However...

Last night as I came back from work (National Service), she complained about pain from her abdomen, saying that it was much worse than before. It was 10.30 pm already and the pain is there, much worse than before. It was then that my father decided to bring her to NUH A&E (National University Hospital, Accident & Emergency). I followed while my little brother stayed at home as my parents wanted him to study for his examination a few days later. So I went with my father and mother to NUH A&E.

Upon reaching, my mum showed a referral letter from the polyclinic to the nurse attendant. She said that the pain was too much and unbearable, and wanted to sit. The nurse brought her to the Observation Bay.

There, we waited for the doctor to come, while she was struggling in pain. It was a painful sight to bear. Your mother being in pain with tears in her eyes and you just standing there not knowing what to do. I could see that my father was very worried. I've never seen him so worried before.

The wait was too long for my mother to bear. So my father decided to bring her to Mount Elizabeth Hospital A&E. As she went there for treatment, we started to talk in the car.

Father: This reminded me of your grandmother who used to have the same sickness. She had abdominal pain and suddenly fainted. When she woke up, she told me to take care of your mother not knowing when she may leave.

My mother started to tear. I guess marriage is for life. Through thick and thin. In sickness and in health. It was a very touching scene. I really respect my father for being such an exemplary father and husband.

Upon reaching, it was already midnight. We rushed my mum to see the doctor. The doctor asked her to lie on the bed. After a few minutes, the doctor told us that she was having a fever. It was due to some infection inside her body. The pain is caused by the infection. The doctor, told us that they will observe her for another 45 minutes. So we waited.

While waiting, I fell asleep. Waking up occasionally as it was not easy sleeping while sitting. At times, when I woke up, I could see my father beside my mum on her bed. Can't really hear what they are talking but I thought that that was so touching.

After the 45 minutes, the doctor told us that we could go back home. Upon reaching home, my mother felt much better and we all slept.

When I woke up this morning ("this morning" = now as I am writing this post), my father told me that my mother woke up halfway and vomitted a lot of stuff. After that she felt much better. I guess it's the "wind" inside. They slept at about 4.30 am.

My father played the biggest role in this whole event. He drove us to the different places and contacted nurses and doctors while I just helped and supported my mother as she walked.

From here I can see that when one family member is sick, the whole family is affected. It may be inconvenient but family bonds are, I believe, stronger. The family is a source of strength and support for the sick member. So I guess that's why people call their family "My Home".

Hopefully she will recover soon...God Bless...

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