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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friendster Testimonial

I was checking my email today when I saw this:

Woo...a Friendster testimonial from someone. Interesting. I went to my Friendster account and logged in.

"new testimonials" it reads. Who could it be? I clicked on it...lo and behold...

Apparently, my cousin sent me this "testimonial" so important that it was sent twice. It reads:

"Hi! why your profile so empty one ar?
and why dont you put some pics in it???"

Eh? What kind of weird testimonial is that?

To my dearest cousin who sent me this "testimonial":
I appreciate your interest and concern in my blank and pic-less profile. However, such messages are not deemed as testimonials.

Please refrain from sending another testimonial that reads "Eh, how come u publish my testimonial 4 u in ur blog?" or any other similar messages. Thank you.

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