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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Material Science and Engineering (MSE) Tea Reception 2006

Yesterday, I went for a tea reception by MSE (Material Science and Engineering) from NTU (Nanyang Technological University). It was held at the Hotel Intercontinental. I went there with my father to hear what the profesors and students there have to say about MSE. This is important to me as I will be going there in the year 2007. I've attended the tea reception last year and the open house this year. Call me a bit kaisu but I just wanted to make sure that I've made the right decision for this important part of my life - my university education.

When we reached there, we registered ourselves at the registration counter. Then we walked into the room, waiting for the talk to start. The emcee for that day was Prof. Alfred. Surprisingly, he wasn't the typical professor who wears big glasses with Einstein-like hair. Instead, he looks like the modern teen from Singapore. If he didn't say that he's a prof, I won't know that he is

The speaker for that day was Professor Freddy Boey Yin Chiang. He is known for the Biodegradable Drug Eluting Stents from NTU. Basically what this stent does is release multi-drugs simultaneously in a controlled release. This is applicable for urological, coronary, vascular and cranial therapy. Interesting huh?

Anyway, he started his talk with a joke which he heard from Australia where he used to study. It goes something like this...

There was this airport from Australia. The airport had a pilot who would like to agitate the guys from traffic control by flashing the lights, saying "Guess who? Guess who?".

The guys in the traffic control tower knew who he was but just ignored his joke.

However, this pilot once flew a late-night flight and it so happens that there's only one person on duty for traffic control. That person was having a bad day due to personal problems.

The pilot came in as usual with his lights going "Guess who? Guess who?". The one on duty was tired of all this joke and decided to teach the pilot a lesson. He switched of all the lights and flashed the lights saying, "Guess where? Guess where?". The pilot panicked.

(This joke is better than Steph's jokes)

The crowd enjoyed his joke. He then goes on by going through the talk, touching on matters such as what to expect as an undergraduate in MSE, financial aids and the course's syllabus.

He shared with us that many Singaporeans have actually seen a product made by him all over the island. From the primary school kid who just failed his CA to the Department Head who has just been promoted, they have all seen this product of his; provided that they have taken the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) before.

Did you know that the gantry gate's retractable red blockade (the one that hides itself when you tap your EZ-Link card), was made by him? Interesting huh? It came about as there was this time when the previous blockades were made of a hard material. A pregnant lady was walking through the gantry gate when the blockades suddenly closed in. Obviously LTA (Land Transport Authority), found that it was a grave problem that needs immediate attention. They gave this assignment to Professor Freddy Boey. He came out with the current red blockades now seen all over Singapore. Interesting story.

There were many other things and stories which he talked about. But that would take up too much space for this post :)

After the talk was the tea reception itself. The food was great! It's the Hotel Intercontinental hello? I met fellow NJCian and camp friend Li Chung. We ate the food there and asked students and professors around on certain issues that we were still unclear about.

I met Ms Meilianty Gunawan from Jakarta who is now a PO (Project Officer). It's intersting to meet someone from the same country where I grew up in. I found out from her during her batch, students from her place required to go through certain tests and exams before being able to come over to Singapore to study. After hearing that, I was grateful that I need not go through all that to come to MSE...haha.

I also met Mrs Jenny Lun-Tan Yong Soo who is a Teaching Fellow in MSE. My friend Li Chung and I took turns to ask questions and listening to answers for the other. I asked about the early enlistment program for NSF (National Service Full-time) that was announced in the papers a few months ago. Her answer was that it's not only available this year, but also for the coming year (2007). In the program, you are able to take some electives for yourselves.

I talked to Assistant Professor Lam Yeng Ming on the research opportunities that they provide for their undergraduates. I am happy to learn that they do provide such opportunities provided you are the top few percent of the student comes free.

After that, Li Chung and I lingered on (because of the food :D) before going off.

I would say that the whole experience has been an enriching one. It's definitely going to be an interesting experience there at MSE. One thing I like about MSE is the "family" feel they have between professors and students.

(By the way, they even have someone called Mr Happy in their Research Staff. Cool huh?)

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Blogger Calvin aka Yamada Shun 山田駿 said...

How interesting, i was @Hotel Intercontinental as well for my interview for NonAca performance for NTU

9:44 PM, March 19, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Seriously? Wow...didn't expect to almost-bump-into-you there. I was there for the NTU MSE Tea Reception and you were there for the

All the best for the interview! Hope that you'll get whatever you applied to :D

9:50 PM, March 20, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, welcome to Materials Engineering! I just happen to see your blog while surfing the net. I am a postgraduate there. Enjoy your uni life. It is one of the most memorable part of your life.

7:31 AM, April 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you got a very good memory.Welcome to MSE!

1:01 PM, June 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to MSE next year man. I'm a 2nd year student now.. Great fac!

9:18 PM, August 10, 2006  
Blogger Steph said...

Thanks Anonymous(s). I am looking forward to my student life there :D

10:23 PM, August 10, 2006  
Blogger Viola said...

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Blogger Hemant Khajuria said...

Hi can someone elaborate on MSE postgrad in NTU?? I am very much interested in research but coming from a different country I need to be aware of its job prospects?? I am interested in composite field ??

3:31 AM, December 16, 2016  
Blogger Hemant Khajuria said...

Hi can someone elaborate on MSE postgrad in NTU?? I am very much interested in research but coming from a different country I need to be aware of its job prospects?? I am interested in composite field ??

3:31 AM, December 16, 2016  

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