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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Hunted - Some Men Must Be Found

Survival Tip 20

"The safest place to hide is in a crowd. Generally, downtown landscapes have a wide variety of places where large amounts of people gather."
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The Hunted is about a man, Aaron, who has gone over the edge due to many violent encounters he experienced during his missions as a member of the Special Forces. Now, he goes about killing people. The one who can stop him is none other than the one who thought him, L.T. Even though he was reluctant to take the offer to stop him, the guilt of training a killer makes him change his mind. Furious at his master for not replying to his letters that hints at his sanity, Aaron even goes to the extent of trying to kill L.T. Who will win? The teacher or the student?

The movie has a lot of action scenes, with military training concepts such as "moving without detection" and "taking the element of surprise". Other than that, it's a gory movie. The plot is quite interesting as the movie goes to show how the teacher-student relationship turned from that of respect to that of detestment.

Such master-student relationship can also be found in some schools if you pay attention in class...

Student: Where were you when I needed someone to enlighten me on Bernoulli's equation?

Teacher: I am sorry...I was busy with the other students.

Student: Sorry? Is that all you could say? It came out for the A Levels and I had no idea of what to write. All I wrote was...argh!!

Teacher: I think you've gone over the edge man...

(Warning: The following are lame stuff totally made up by the author. If you hate lame stuff, please don't read. You've been warned.)

Student: Over the edge? Fine...I will now annoy the students around with differential equations. Unless you accept my duel, I am going to take all the mouse pads in the computer lab AND irritate the students.

Teacher: I've taught you. I've endowed you with knowledge. I've given everything that a teacher could ever give...and this is how you repay me? You shall be caned in public after this...

Student and Teacher enters a 5-minute heated discussion on Fermi's Equation, Quarks, Detritivores and Friends.

Student: Alas...I was a fool to challenge the potter.

Teacher: You sure are right you lump of clay.

Student: That was the unkindest cut of all...

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