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Monday, February 27, 2006

Ni Ke Yi Zuo Ba Ba Le (You Can Be A Father Already)!

Bryan and I were in the bus standing near the door. As the people entered, there was this 2WO in front of us with a SSG and a DXO. They were talking like it was some coffee shop. Then the 2WO suddenly looked at Bryan and said, "Ni na me nian qing, ke yi zuo ba ba le! (You are so young, you can be a father already)".

I was like erm...he is still in NS. I looked at Bryan and we both shook our heads. The 2WO goes on by saying that young people can be fathers already and some other stuff which I can't really understand. It's true that BIOLOGICALLY it's possible but LOGICALLY it is not. There's still other factors such as having a stable income to support the family and choosing the right one for yourself.

That was not all. When Bryan was about to alight, the 2WO said, "Na me kao jing hai da she me bus? Zou lu bu si ke yi le ma? (You live so near, why bother to take a bus? Can't you just walk?)". Seriously...he's commenting on Bryan since the start till the end of his journey in the bus. However, his tone was a joking kind of tone. So I guess it's not that bad. But seriously, would he say the same thing if Bryan is some 3-star General? Maybe not, he may pick on me instead.

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