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Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Cars Available!

Ever Felt That You've Never Got The Respect That You Deserved?

Well, now is your chance to show the world your new car! Tomota is proud to present two quality-crafted vehicles...

Farari Destroyer

Show road-users who is the BOSS!

With a double barrel cannon in front and a heavy turret on top, you will never ever face a road jam again! With the push of a button, you can destroy that pesky yellow car that your neighbour has. You can have the assurance that no one will ever dare to overtake you, for doing so will only make them easier to shoot at. You can also drive along the Istana and who knows, your car may be in for this year's National Day Parade! The Farari Destroyer's cannons are able to launch a wide variety of shells available at our outlets island-wide. From the classic tank-rounds to the puny seashells, the cannons will strike fear in the hearts of enemies around. You can even help out the Nation by defending it with your car!

The new-and-improved wheel system no longer has wheels but are replaced with tracks! Mudslides, snow, grass, the Padang, there's nothing that can stop the Farari Destroyer. Drive this to your workplace and you will be noticed immediately!

"It's terrific I tell you! I was able to drive on the road without any cars around me! The cannons proved entertaining when I shot the the trees at East Coast Park, turning them into fireworks! My date was so impressed that she agreed immediately when I proposed to her in this car with the fireworks that I just made!"
Mr Tan

(Recommended for violent and aggressive drivers.)

Monda Cruiser

Our Monda Cruiser features the latest jet propulsion engines that brings you the Mach speed that you've always wanted. Without any ground contact, high speeds are no longer a problem. Crusing along the PIE (Pan-Island Expressway) will be a cruise for you. With speeds of up to Mach 1 and four turbo engines, you won't want to stand behind this vehicle when you press that little red button that says "TURBO!".

The Monda Cruiser is more road-user friendly in that it has no destructive weapons like the Farari Destroyer. Instead, it has two electrodes in front that helps to generate electrical energy as you move on the road. The energy is stored in the revolutionary fuel cell battery stored inside.

An optional Revo-Speaker is available for those who are interested in it. With it, you are able to play the Budget Speech, National Day Rally and the Election Speech from 1965. If it's an important speech, we have it. Broadcast and share these speeches with fellow Singaporeans as you travel down Ang Mo Kio or Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Afraid of the Traffic Police? Fear not, there's an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) Amplifier located at the back that shuts down any vehicles that you target at. There's even an ejection seat for those who are about to meet up with an accident or have been caught by the Traffic Police (assuming that the EMP Amplifier has failed, which is highly unlikely).

"Whoa...this is unlike anything I have ever seen! It's metallic cover and cool futuristic features was all that I could ask for! The people around loved my broadcasts of the recent Budget Speech, especially the part on the Progress Package. My wife loves it and my kids drive it! I would recommend this to eveyone!"
Mr Riad

(Recommended for those who thinks that their grandfather owns the road.)

So what are you waiting for? Call 1800-No-One's-Here and get the ride of your life!

(Note: Please do not take this post too seriously as its purpose is purely for entertainment.)

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