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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Drum Lessons And Stuff

Today, I went to Potong Pasir to teach drumming. I took the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). During the journey, I read the "10 years series" for Advanced Theory for Driving. During the trip, there was this guy beside me who was talking to the girl beside him. It was hard for me to concentrate but I still managed to finish 100 questions. Anyway, the guy was kind of weird. He was not sitting with his back against the back of the chair. Instead, he was leaning in front throughout the whole journey. Then when he talked with the girl beside him there's this distance between them. As in he was facing the girl but he edged towards my side. I guess may be he is nervous or whatever. Then throughout the whole trip, there would be this period of silence where no one talks, then the guy will cook up some stuff to talk about before entering into another period of silence. It was so weird. As if they were forced to go out together. This is just what I think. I may be wrong.

Then when I alighted at Outram Park for the NEL (North-East Line), there was this stop where people in groups of 4 entered. They seemed to be in some "Amazing Race" competition. The back of their T-shirt wrote "Uniquely Singapore Race". I wonder what it could be. So I went to their site and found this:

"The Uniquely Singapore Race 2006 is a 2 day one night round-singapore adventure, akin to Amazing-Race style competition, with 100 teams of full time tertiary students from polytechnic and universities battling out to be the top positions in the race. The fastest teams for the race receive prizes worth over $4000 dollars!

Young adults can learn about just how unique Singapore can be, and even introduce these perhaps unknown places and facts to their tourist friends next time they visit - through a pumped up adventure! The non-profit event is organised by approximately 30 pumped up young adults from NTU."

Upon reaching the place, I went to teach my students drumming. I would say that it's a community service thing where kids are able to learn to play the drum. Currently I have three students. They are all very eager to learn and show different talents in drumming. Some learn fast while some are good in keeping beat.

1st student:

A boy aged 12. Able to catch things very fast.

2nd student:

A girl aged 17. Oldest student and the first student I had. Shows improvement and eager to learn. Listens to English than Chinese songs.

3rd student:

A boy aged 10. Youngest student who started today. Extremely hyped up as I was showing him the basics.

Well, so far, I have three students. Hopefully they will be able to benefit from my lessons.

Then as I was going home, I saw this man with a bag placed in front of him. In the bag was a dog. Now, scenes such as this isn't uncommon. The other day, I saw an auntie with a pram and in it was a dog. I guess it must be the "year of the dog" thingy that makes people do such things. Honestly, it's the first time in my life that I actually see such things happening. It really brings a whole new meaning to "walking the dog".

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Blogger Joseph Saleem said...

Your post of drum lessons is not clear to me. Could you please expand the meaning of your post?

5:08 PM, March 06, 2013  

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