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Saturday, February 04, 2006

My BMT Buddy!

I can't believe it! I saw him!'s been a looong time. I was going back home when I decided to buy lunch at Jurong Point. I went to KFC and saw a bunch of teens in black long pants and white collared shirt with the OCS (Officer Cadet School) logo at the collar. It was there that I saw him.

The last time I saw him was June 7 2005, the day Scorpion Company POP-ed. It was also my birthday, that's why I still remember that day. His name is Yeo Yong Xiang, from VJC (Victoria Junior College). He was my BMT (Basic Military Training) buddy. He's a nice friend and good buddy. We helped each other out during field camps, night training, digging trenches...etc. So what's he doing now? He's at OCS , waiting to be commissioned as an officer.

I could still remember the time when our platoon was required to fall-in during field camp. I was ready to fall-in with the rest of the platoon but he was still busy finding something. So I helped him find it. Apparently, by the time he found it, we were late. As punishment, the Platoon Sergeant, ordered the whole platoon to do push-ups saying, "Thank you for giving us this ****." My buddy, me and a few others who were late just stood in front of them listening to them thanking us for being punished. It was hard on my buddy since he was the platoon leader. Imagine, you being the leader, because of your lateness, the whole platoon is punished. My buddy felt terrible. Seeing him in such a state, I told him to relax, saying that they don't really mean it. We were in a closely-bonded platoon, so things was not that bad. Our platoon mates still supported him after that incident.

Now, he's in OCS, a place that he wanted to go to since BMT. And me? ASA (Admin Support Assistant). He told me that the attire (black long pants and white collared shirt with the OCS logo) was their booking-out attire. What a cool attire for booking

Well, I wish him all the best in OCS.


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