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Friday, February 24, 2006


The bus 157 came. As usual, I flagged it (okay, it's the woman in front of me who flagged it) and boarded it. As I made my way into the bus, lo and behold, he was there sitting...

My brother laughed. I laughed too. I guess it's too much of a coincidence for two brothers to meet up in the same bus. One in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and the other in National Service. I stood beside the chair where he was sitting and took my handphone.

My brother: Stop being lame lah.
Me: Hello, is that Sam? Where are you?
My brother: (laughing) Wah lau, stop being lame lah.
Me: Oh, you are in the same bus arh? Okay okay...bye.

Obviously, that was some stupid stunt.

Anyway, as the bus journeyed on, more people boarded the bus. I walked to the end of the bus and there, I saw my junior! My junior from Commonwealth Secondary School. She was in Student Council and it was there that I got to know her. I don't really know her as a close friend, I just recognise her face. Apparently, she didn't recognise me too (at least that's what I think).

She was sitting on those seats that faced the sides of the bus, where three people can sit. The first was taken by someone, the second was empty and the third was taken by her. After a few stops, the guy on the first seat left. I took the seat.

Then a few stops later, there was this old lady that came. I thought that since the second seat was empty, she would take it. But no. She stood in front of the second seat! My junior gave her seat up for the old lady. I was like...stunned. The old lady was staring at me throughout the whole journey! As if I didn't let her sit down. There was an empty seat - the second one, but she didn't take it and now she's staring at Maybe it's because she doesn't like me or she hate guys in uniforms. As soon as my stop arrived, I alighted straight away.

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