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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Tammy NYP Saga

I guess most Singaporeans already know the infamous story behind Tammy's handphone. But for those who are still in the dark, here's the summary of it.

Someone stole Tammy's handphone and found clips that showed intimate moments between she and her boyfriend. The video was circulated around her school and soon into the Internet. Now, she's infamous for that few minutes between them. People are cashing in on this opportunity, selling T-shirts and even domain names because of this. When interviewed, Tammy regretted what she had done.

But the issue doesn't stop there. The whole Tammy Saga uncovered this shocking truth: many other young Singaporeans are doing it too (The Straits Times, 26 February 2006).

It's something traditionalists would abhor. 50 years ago, I don't think anyone would be doing such things. Why? First, it's the lack of high-tech equipments. Second, is the higher moral values that society has. When my auntie was in MGS (Methodist Girls' School), there was once when she was walking home and a man who cycled past touched her. She went home and cried! But now, it's different! Girls (okay, not all of them) tape themselves in intimate moments! This is very sad.

Once, there was this question brought up.

A: Do you think that your wife whom you will get in the future will be pure?
B: Pure? Please lah, just look at our society! It's like that! I don't think there's anyone out there who is still pure
A: Are you sure? That's a bit of an overstatement ain't it?
B: No it isn't.

Such a society maybe advance technologically ("Hey! Look at me and him!), but morally it's deplorable ("Hey look! There's another video there.)

Last year, there was this issue that talked about students in university hostels not studying but...ahem. Is it good ("They are practising for their future.")? Is it bad ("Seriously, they shouldn't be doing this!"). I leave that for you to decide. So it was no wonder when this girl chose to rent a place near her university instead of staying at the hostel (which cost much more less). Her parents obviously wanted her to study and not...ahem.

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