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Saturday, March 04, 2006


First, I went to Plaza Singapura to buy a CD for my student to play along with. Along the way, I saw gigantic children sitting on top of a bus stop! Have the police took down their IC numbers? I don't think they have (nor can for that matter).

After buying the CD (which can only be played in radios and not ripped into my computer - I've been ripped off!!), I went to Potong Pasir just like any normal Saturdays. After alighting from the NEL (North East Line), I saw this!

A dead frog in front of the escalator that leads to the exit. How often do you see this? When I was preparing my camera for this shot, there was this auntie who stepped on it! Oh was gross...I could hear the "squish" sound. If you can't find it, try to look more carefully. It's there.

Anyway, I went to MacDonald and had a simple meal that cost me $3.00. Here's what I ate.

After the meal, I went to teach my student. Incidentally, her name's Tammy...but I don't think she has anything to do with the famous "Tammy".

After teaching, I went to Ben's place for his gathering. I was lost when reaching Simei. But kind Ben met up with me and brought me to his house. When he saw me, he was like, "Are you tucking in your shirt?" I guess tucking-in is not the in-thing in fashion now. Most of my friends say the same thing, shocked that the shirt can be tucked in. Anyway, there I saw Joseph. Then we took a photo.

In this photo, Ben is obviously making fun of me, pointing at my tucked-in shirt. Apparently, he thought that it's cool to tuck-in, so he did the same before the shot. Oh man...Joseph closed his eyes.

After the shot, we mingled among the group (where group = Joseph + Ben + Ben's mum + me). There was this other group which consisted of Ben's other friends. But I guess I am just We watched Ben's home-made video of the various stunts and tricks done by his friends skateboarding.

After a long while, Joseph and I went home. He dropped me at Bedok MRT where I MRT-ed to Boon Lay.

At Boon Lay, I saw this crowd of people gathered at this place. I was curious and went over. It appears to be some articles about Ah Took, the one accused of killing Huang Na. Apparently, they are asking for petitions for him to be acquited. My chinese is quite bad, so it's just my guess. It took quite awhile for the crowd to disperse before I could take the shot.

After this shot was taken, I went back home and blogged about today.

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