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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ci Ko Pek (Dirty Old Man)!

I was in a 157 double-decker bus on my way home. Then there was this man who's around his 50s. He was sitting in front of me (his row of seats was in front of the row of seats I was sitting on). He was looking intently at the girl sitting two seats on my left. He was looking should I put it...he was looking below her waist.

I was can you do that to a JC student? Furthermore, she's from NJC! Oh man...that's like my alma mater. If I don't do something, my junior here beside me will be stared at by him. So guess what I did...

I stared back at him (at his face obviously). He didn't notice it at first. So I stared harder. It took him quite awhile to notice that he's caught red-handed. After that, he sheepishly turned his face away.

Haha...I've managed to defend my junior! So proud of it. Then an older man who was sleeping beside the man woke up and stared at her...

I gave up...

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