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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 4 At Berkeley

Yesterday, Andrew and I went to the Golden Gate Bridge. We met at Downtown Berkeley BART. Went we reached there, I saw something interesting. The gates were all opened.

You know why? It's because it's Free The Air Day! Lol...what this means is that the society tries to reduce carbon emissions by making public transport free for the day! Except for the BART train which remains free until Interesting huh? I wonder if Singapore can have the same kind of situation.

We took the BART to Embarcadero Station. Then we took bus 10 followed by 30 and finally 28.

This is how it looks like in the bus. They have a card reader similar to Singapore, but it's still in the testing stage.

After a while, I could see the Golden Gate Bridge!'s getting more interesting.

We alighted and I took photos, lots of them, but I will only upload a few here...haha.

The view from the bridge is pretty nice. For example, if you stand on th bridge and look on the water...

It's pretty peaceful. Then from the bridge you could see the nearby towns.

One thing though, when you walk on the bridge, it's pretty cold as the winds from the sea gets pretty cold. It was so cold that I had to wear my windbreaker, however, it didn't help much. Even though the wind was strong, I could still see some people not wearing any cold wear at all, they just wore some simple shirt and Must be very strong to withstand all the cold.

After that we went to the Souvenir Shop where I bought some stuff. Then we took bus 28. After alighting, we waited for bus 30. The wait was pretty looooong. It was so long that the crowd at the station grew. The crowd grew into a size where we could have a tutorial class there on the spot! Anyway, after waiting for a long time, the bus came and it wasn't just one, but two. This reminded me of the 179 service at

After that, Andrew and I went to Fisherman's Wharf and had our lunch. We ate at In-N-Out, it's a place for burgers. The queue was pretty much so that it extends out of the shop! Lol...the only queue I've seen that extends out of a shop in Singapore is the TOTO/4D

Anyway, here's how the place looked like.

The ordering system is different from Singapore. Here, you tell the counter what you want and they'll give you a queue number. Then you go to another counter where food is being served. When your number comes, you take your food. Reminds me of the system in polyclinics in Singapore where you wait to see the doctor...haha. But I guess the doctors there won't recommend you to eat all these burgers.

And so this was my food.

It's nice. It's called a Double-Double as there are two patties. Andrew told me that you could actually order more than two patties for your burger. There was once his friend ordered 5! Whoa...that's too much for me.

After having our lunch we walked about and I took photos. It's interesting in that it's like a fish market, with seafood all over.

Then I had a taste of clam chowder. I wanted to try it when I was in Singapore. I bought one small portion and here's how it looked like.

The crackers on the left and chowder on the right. Andrew told me that normally you pour the crackers into the chowder and eat it. Interesting.

When I tasted the was...nice! However, it was very salty too! A lot of food here is pretty healthy I guess.

Anyway, the view there was terrific! Again I took a lot of photos but will upload some only.

After that we walked all the way from the Pier to Embarcadero...and I tell you...the walk back was hot! It was HOT!!! Lol...even the wind from the nearby sea didn't helped! what was the result? I got sunburnt...badly burnt. My nose turned pink, then red. My hands also turned I hoped that I won't scare my friends when I check-in to my

Anyway, we went back via the BART. For dinner, I decided to have fruits only beacause it's hot and I am hot. So I went to Walgreens and bought this.

Yeah...that was my dinner...a simple dinner.

Time: 6.12pm, 20th June 08 (Friday)

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