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Friday, May 30, 2008

Touring Orchard Road 2

Today I went to Orchard Road again for dinner with my friends. Before the dinner, I went to Orchard Road early to see what interesting things I can find. Oh yeah, my friend Ana accompanied me for a few hours before leaving to do her stuff.

I alighted at Orchard MRT and saw this advert on the floor (it's interesting how advertising companies are trying ways and means to find places to advertise).

There's a question with 3 choices. What's the answer? Quite simple actually. One very big hint is the hand mark. Do you jog with your hands? When rope-skipping, do your hands touch the floor (I am assuming you don't fall down)? Do you use your hands to support your body weight to lift the lower part of your body up in the sky while break-dancing? There's your answer. Nope, I didn't send my answer via SMS as I don't normally win in such competitions.

I took the escalator up and met Ana. We went to Takashimaya and saw this.

It's Kung-fu Panda! Aw...those kids just love him. However, seeing that Panda reminded me of the "Eats, shoots and leaves" joke. Anyway, when I came back to Taka later on I found the Panda scratching his bum.

Then he has two friends who showed some kung-fu moves.

Seeing how the kids react to all of Mr Panda's actions somehow reminded me of when I was small.

Next I went up Cathay to see see. Along the way, I saw this.

Can you see the writing on the black strip of processed polymer? The words written are "JC". Beside the two words is a smiley. I guess the Singapore Arts Fest left a mark here.

I reached the level where the movie posters were and I saw this. When I saw this poster a caption immediately hit me. Here's the poster.

"Yeah like Prince Caspian is actually Princess Barbie" or "Your actual GPA is above 4.5". These captions just hit me. See if you can come up with's interesting...haha.

Then the time came for me to meet my friends and we went to Pastamania in Cathay to have our dinner. These are some pictures of the food we ate.

Cool huh? It was nice. The cost was around $55.00. There were 5 of us and so each of us paid $11.00. Quite ok lah I would say. After eating, we walked around and after some walking, I went back home. I would like to thank my friends for having this dinner with me before I leave Singapore.

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