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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Exams Are Over!!

Finally...exams are over! I can't believe I have not been blogging for almost a month! Wow...that's a record! Anyway, exams are over and now I can relax for awhile.

A few thoughts came to my mind during the exam period...

1. Exam preparation
How much preparation is enough? I think that's a question many will ask and, more importantly, want to know the answer. I have a friend whom I feel really studied very hard. He had exams almost everyday and there was once he did not sleep! He literally studied through the night! It was my first time hearing such a thing! If you ask me to do that, I may not be able to concentrate the next day. I think studying through one night is really an extreme case. Hopefully my friend will get a good grade, else it will be disappointing.

2. The new canteen
There's a new canteen near Canteen A. I don't know what's the name of that place but we call it "The Canteen besides Canteen A". If you noticed, the Subway stall seems to have more business than MacD. Whoever's behind that franchise must really be earning a lot of money.

3. A touching scene
I was walking back home when I saw a grandfather and his grandchild playing badminton at the playground near my place. The game was simple. The shuttle went through at most 3 exchanges before dropping. They weren't professional players but that did not bother them. They played for another motive. The grandfather was smiling as he was playing while the grandchild was trying hard to win. What goes through their mind? I can only imagine...

Grandfather: nice it is to play with my grandchild.
Grandson: Shucks! How come I cannot serve properly one?
Grandfather: He's so cute trying to give a proper serve.
Grandson: Must be my's lousy.

Both people have different mindsets in a simple activity. But it's really heartwarming to see them play.

To end my post, I wish everyone the best when their results come out. By the way, anyone knows when the results will be out?

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