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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stephanie Wrote A Humorous Love Story!

Wow! It's been a long time since I last blogged! Actually I didn't plan to blog about anything today until something happened...

I was busy preparing for tomorrow's Quiz for Maths and CA2 for Electricity For Modern Society when I saw that familiar pop-up at the bottom right corner of the desktop. Yes, I received an email from someone. So I went and checked. I checked the email and I was very pleasantly surprised. Why? One of my stories was selected and featured in the National Library Board's ASK! (Actively Seeking Knowledge) website. Cool! So I decided to take a look. I clicked the link provided and this was what I saw...

Wah...nice. Then I saw the little section where my blog was featured.

I was speechless...I can't help but smile. She featured this story from my Stephanie's blog.

Anyway, something else happened in the past few weeks. There was this NTU-NIE Speech Competition. I took part and got through the prelims. Yay!

Then when the day came for the finals, I was starting to get nervous. It was a late Wednesday night. I entered the LT early and waited.

(Paiseh but no time to elaborate because need to prepare for quiz and CA2 tomorrow).

There was supposed to be 8 finalists. However, one withdrew due to some other commitments. 8 - 1 = 7. Seven of us took our turns to speak to the audience, including me. The finalists were good. I never knew NTU-ians and NIE-ians could speak so well! The competition was tough.

Then the time came for the results. The winner of the competition was...a Master student studying in the school of communication. He got first. He's older than me and he's studying communication so I guess it's pretty natural he got first.

Next was the first runner-up...this time, it went to a teacher from NIE! She's a teacher majoring in English Literature! To win or not to win...that's a rhetoric question. She's older than me and she's studying English Literature so again it's no surprise she got second.

Then the next prize was the second runner-up. The winner this time was ME! Let me was ME! Hahahahaha...I so totoally (aiya so excited until spell "totally" wrongly) didn't expect that! Why? Because I was the only year one finalist! Furthermore, I am studying Material Engineering and not some Powderful Engrick course! The competition was tough and didn't really expect a prize. I would like to thank the Lord for helping me and my parents for their assistance and encouragement.

Hm...maybe I should contact Stephanie on her story as it seems very familiar to one of mine.

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