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Monday, March 24, 2008

I Can't Live (If Living Is Without You)

It pays to speak good English.

In case you are lost, let me explain what just happened. The lady was trying to sing the song by Mariah Carey I Can't Live (If Living Is Without You). However, it sounded like a whole new song with the same tune.

Below is the same lady with the same song BUT with better English.

Seriously, I think the lady is brave. She didn't shy away because of her weakness but faced the world with it. With that, let us all face the exams with our ...... hm ...... please-insert-some-word-here.

(Caution: Do take note that entering the examination hall by singing this version of the song may result in the student being barred from the exams. With that students are advised to be responsible for the songs they sing)

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