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Friday, May 09, 2008

The Chicken Rice Encounter

A few days ago, I went to a particular food court. I can't remember if it's Kopitiam or Koufu or some other name. It's located in Orchard area. I was hungry so I went around looking at the different stalls.

Then I saw this chicken rice stall. I stood at the counter there and the man behind seemed busy with some documents. So I waited. When he lifted his head and saw me guess what he said?


He didn't say anything.

Me: "Uncle one plate of chicken rice".

Then the man went to prepare a plate for me. At this point of time, a foreigner (I won't say from which country) came and stood beside me. When the chicken rice man lifted his head and saw him guess what he said?

Uncle: Good Morning Sir! What can I do for you?
Foreigner: One chicken rice please.
Uncle: Sure coming right up!

I was like " was totally ignored just now and this guy gets greeted"?

Anyway, at this point of time, I was very interested who he would serve first. Technically, I ordered first so...I should get my food first right? That's why I was interested to see who the uncle would serve first. I waited. Ah...there's a plate ready.

The uncle took the plate, lifted it and placed it on the foreigner's tray! Then he lifted the other plate and placed it on my tray. Apparently, he prepared two plates and served them at the same time. Interesting...I can't help but smile at all these.

Was it due to bias or was it done to save time (since cut one chicken might as well cut another one to save time)?

Anyway, I took my tray and walked towards an empty table. The rice was surprisingly nice and he gave me the chicken parts with minimal bones.

Lesson learnt: Don't wear berms, sandals and a T-shirt else you'll be treated as a kid.

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