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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Observations At KFC And Kopitiam

First Observation (Jurong Point KFC)

The other day I was at KFC eating by myself. I ordered the new Fish Zinger meal and sat at one of the empty seats.

Next to my table was a mother and child. The child was a primary school kid. As I ate, I overheard the mum talking to her child. I can't remember the exact words, but the gist of it was that the child did not do very well for his exams and his PSLE was coming. Then the mother said something which I remembered.

Mother: You plan to go to HCI (Hwa Chong Institute) but with your results how to go? With your results you'll most probably end up in Commonwealth Normal Stream.

There! My secondary school's name was mentioned. I didn't know he aimed to go to my secondary school but she's true that my school does have a normal stream.

So what's the lesson?

First lesson: Never discuss exam results with your primary school kid while eating KFC with your child. The meal will taste like exam papers to your child and you'll look like your kid's form teacher for that short period of time.

Second lesson: Discrimination still exists in education. The point that the mother wanted her son to go to express and normal (also HCI instead of some other school) is an indication that discrimination still exists. It's a sad truth.

Third lesson: The Fish Zinger meal tastes nice!

Second Observation (IMM Kopitiam)

Today I went to IMM and ate with my family. While waiting for my family to order their food, I sat down and looked around. The couple behind me had just finished their meal and the lady was deciding whether she should leave her empty tissue packet on the table and walk off. I looked at her. She ignored me. She still hesitated, taking the packet and leaving the packet on the table. This went on for a few seconds and finally she walked off. I guess she expected someone else to throw it for her. I almost did the following...

Me: Excuse me Miss, you forgot your empty tissue packet.

I didn't do it as her boyfriend was there. So I decided that having a peaceful meal with my family is much better than an argument with a stranger. Maybe she's some big-shot or white horse. I don't know.

Anyway the Kopitiam cleaner (an old auntie) came and threw it away.

One more thing. Have you noticed that those Kopitiam cleaners normally consists of two groups of people? They are the elderly Singaporeans and the young foreign workers. Then there was this foreign worker (he's a cleaner) who argued with an auntie (she's also a cleaner). They argued about him not cleaning certain parts. The auntie was like "How come you never clean here?" and the foreign worker was like "Later lah!".'s my first time seeing such a thing and it's a sad reality.

First lesson: Please throw your own tissue packets. Pity the old lady who has to throw it for you.

Second lesson: Say "Thank you" to these senior citizens who clean your table after your meal. Show them that you appreciate their help.

Third lesson: The Grilled Fish Set at the Indonesian BBQ stall tastes great!

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