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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 5 At Berkeley

Today's the last day of my tour. Tomorrow I will be moving from YMCA Berkeley to Unit 2 Residence Halls. After that, school's going to start and it will be studies. It doesn't mean that I won't be touring anymore...just less.

Today morning, I walked towards Unit 2 so that I will be familiar with the route tomorrow. It was about 2km far and I took about 23min. Hm...with my luggage tomorrow maybe I will take 45min? My luggage is pretty big and the road I noticed wasn't smooth al the way, there were cracks here and there. Furthermore, the route was's not going to be easy.

After that I walked from Unit 2 to Cory and GSPP where I will be having my lectures. It takes about 30min to reach there. When I reached Cory, I met my lecturer Bart. He's a nice and friendly person who introduced me to a few things. For example, there was this cool machine that could swing a pendulum until the pendulum reaches the top, after that, the pendulum stays there! Cool huh? The equilibrium is pretty unstable hence the motor still moves and jerks a bit.

After that I met a few students and got to know their names. They will be taking the same class as me (EE100).

After that, I went to have my lunch. I had it at Quiznos Sub. It's like Subway, but I think it's nicer...haha.

Here are some pictures.

Oh yeah, I haven't shown you my room.'s pretty messy.

I've been staying in this room for 5 days and will be moving soon to Unit 2. The people and staff here are nice. I won't mind staying here again if I come here.

By the way, the people here have a pretty good impression of Singapore. There was once I met this lady and her friend on the street with Andrew. Apparently, they knew Andrew. So they asked me where I came from. I told them Singapore and they were like "Wow...that's a nice/great/fabulous/place" reason being that it's clean, safe and the roads are good. Also there are people who noticed the other part of Singapore saying things like "You'll get caned for chewing gum there huh" and "If you spit over there you'll be fined". I guess Singapore's pretty famous for both sides...haha.

The lecturer whom I met at Cory also mentioned that NTU students are good. Lol...I was surprised when he said that as I thought UC Berkeley was like better than NTU in terms of ranking. When I asked him why he said that, he gave the reason that NTU students are hardworking, smart, and get good grades. Haha...interesting.

Oh yeah, just now when I went with Andrew to visit a family, the people there thought that I was I was mistaken for a Japanese before a few years ago and now a Korean...haha. I guess I'll take that as a compliment. Or maybe it's because my face is sunburnt...I don't

I guess that's about it for now.

Time: 10.22pm, 20th June 08 (Friday)

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