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Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Ostracized Girl

There was once I was eating breakfast over at Crossroads. I took my food and sat on one of the empty chairs. After eating for awhile, there was this group of girls that came in and took their breakfast. They sat in the row which was in front of me. The girls seem to be of secondary school age? Maybe they were here for some summer camp. Anyway, I just continued eating. Nothing interesting so far.

However, there was this particular girl (let's call her A) that caught my attention. She was just your ordinary girl. Simple looks, simple attitude and she eats bacon and eggs for breakfast. She looks Chinese. However, something seems to be happening. She seems to be...ostracized.

In the group of girls, there was this particular girl (let's call her B) who was better looking and much more vocal. It isn't surprising that she seemed to have friends all over her. Most of the girls from the group were talking and chatting with B while A sat by herself.

As time passed by, A was just sitting among the group of girls eating by herself while B on the other hand had lots of company and enjoying herself. I felt sorry for A. I understand how she felt as I used to be in her shoes when I was small. I wasn't a vocal boy nor was I like the super-handsome guy in school. So clique was pretty small.

All this made me think that to be famous, you need to be pretty and vocal. It's true in a way which is sad for A.

On the other hand, you can argue that maybe there were girls in the group who wanted to be friends with A but because A was anti-social, hence she ended up alone. Well, there are two sides to the argument.

Anyway, I finished my breakfast and went for my morning lab.

Time: 1.14pm, 5th July 08 (Saturday)

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