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Monday, July 04, 2005

Belgian Malinois

Guess what!? I have been chosen to be a dog handler. Am I lucky? Not too sure about that. But I met the dog assigned to me today.

Her name is Britney, a Belgian Malinois with yellowish-brown fur.

(Picture from American Kennel Club)

When I was small, I was chased by a dog...this left me with a traumatic experience with dogs. Now, I am a dog ironic. But nevertheless, I need to overcome this phobia of dogs.

Well, what we did today was just an introduction to dogs. My buddy, G, and I were allocated to Britney. We were allowed to enter the kennel one at a time to talk and bond with the dog. She was nice and gentle. Unlike the other dogs that bark a lot and terrified their handlers. There was even one dog who bit the cuff of my friend's uniform...just imagine the terror he experienced. And it was his first time touching a dog...sad case man for him.

When I entered the kennel, I was scared as it was my first time in such close proximity with a dog...not knowing whether she would attack or just stay there. She walked to me and I just stroke her was that simple. And I thought...hey it's that simple! looks like a good start for the both of us. My buddy was also comfortable with the dog we had. He was more confident than me as he like dogs and is not afraid of them.

After the bonding session, we cleaned their kennel. Luckily Britney is a hygienic dog...her kennel is quite clean. This makes our job much easier. What followed was feeding time. Britney ate 200g of Science Diet. It was nice to look at her eat. I guess I am starting to like dogs...and overcome my fear of them. After her meal, we waited one hour before giving her water to eat.

Well...I hope that the remaining 2 weeks of course will be an enjoyable time.

Good girl Britney

(To find out more about the Belgian Malinois, you can go here)

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