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Thursday, August 18, 2005

How Am I Now?'s been quite sometime since I have last blogged. Well...I guess it's due to my NS (National Service). Most of my time is spent in camp. Luckily I get to stay-out...meaning that I can go home :)

So how's life man?

Fine I guess. So far so good especially in my new workplace (well it's not really new as I came a month ago). But I guess I am used to it already. Met new friends (including one gay who seems to be interested in me...I am straight by the way). Gained new skills (like scrubbing the kennel walls; grooming dogs; technique on digging dog waste; communicating with dogs...etc).

Now I am still waiting for my PES (Physical Employment Status) as the MO (Medical Officer) told me that I would be downgraded due to my asthma. Well...I don't know if that's good or bad but I will just accept whatever status that they will give me.

How's your personal life?

Personal life? As in girlfriend kind of personal life? Well...sad to say that I am still Who would be interested in a dog handler? My girl-friends are all in university studying and getting a degree while my boy-friends are all like me in NS...except for a few who are foreigners.

How about the guy who is interested in you that you mentioned just now?

HIM? Oh man...that guy just keeps bothering me. I told him many times but he still wouldn't listen. I am straight for goodness sake! I told him that and he said, "Well people change you know." Then I was like -_-...
Do you have any advice for me on how to shake this guy off?

Erm...tell him that you have a girlfriend?

I told him that already (even though I don't have one) and guess what he said? He said, "Hey! I don't mind sharing you know." Arghh!!

Sorry...I can't help you. Relax man...

Yah I know.

Do you still keep in contact with your friends in JC (Junior College)? I do miss them though. Especially my classmates and band friends. I even missed my class outings and band concerts because of my NS...tough life man. Hope that they are all doing well especially the juniors who are facing their A Levels this year. All the best guys.

Is there anything particular that you miss from JC life?

Hm...yeah. The band practices and my class environment.

Band practices was fun especially when you have a fun-loving section - the Percussion Section. At times there were funny moments like lame jokes by lame people. But there were times when we were serious too such as the time when we were practicing for our SYF (Singapore Youth Festival) competition. It was tough but nevertheless memorable.

My class was fun and unique. Fun in the sense that lameness is accepted and practiced by many. Unique in the sense that we were made up of all sorts of people. From lamers to walking dictionaries and even a business man! Well...those were the times. Then there was studying time in the library where I would tell lame jokes and make people laugh. It was fun telling lame jokes even though it meant warnings from the librarian.

Ok...looks like I will ask until here for now. It was nice interviewing you :)

Huh? Was this an interview? I thought it was only me typing.

(Theme from the Twilight Zone starts to play as everything fades off)


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