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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Long Four In Public

"Never wear your long four (army uniform) in public. Why? Because if you make any mistake, they will report you to your unit and you will get tekan (punished)."

This was the advice I had when I was in BMT (Basic Military Training). It was given by one of the officers. He gave an example of how a recruit was sitting and sleeping in MRT when in front of him was a pregnant lady. That recruit was suay (unlucky) enough as he was in his long four. Then one evil guy decided to use his (maybe her) handphone camera and took a picture of it...sent it to BMTC (Basic Military Training Centre)...and the poor recruit was tekan-ed. In case you don't know, our long four has our names on it...that was how BMTC was able to find the recruit. The poor recruit was really sleeping and not pretending like many others in the same MRT. point is never wear your long four out in public as not only will you be checked upon by the public...but you will meet some scenarios should I unpleasant.

For example, today I was in the bus going back home. I was wearing my long four then. At first everything was fine and normal. I scanned my EZ-Link Card...went to the back...and stood just like any normal passenger would do. After a few stops, when I went to the back of the bus, there was this lady (mind you...a lady...someone who does not need to serve NS) who covered her nose!! WHOA!! Am I that bad? I know I work hard and sweat a lot and may not be that pleasant to the nose but you don't need to do this in front of me. And she was the only one in the WHOLE bus who did that. Hey lady...I am serving NS okay...protecting the nation and your neighbourhood and house. It's not like I want to stand beside you and tekan your nose. The other commuters did not cover their nose or turn their faces away from me or start to foam at their mouth or die. I was so offended by her actions.

That was not all. When I took the elevator to my house. This 40-something man who took the same elevator asked me in Chinese, "Did you take part in yesterday's National Day Parade?" Huh? Wearing a long four does not mean that I am part of the I told him no.

So morale of the story is never wear your long four in public, especially the day after National Day.

Note: I don't really blame that lady in the bus as I know I's just her actions that I can't stand.

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Anonymous in said...

Hi :D, reading ur blog really make me laugh :D :D

well, maybe that lady got some cough or flu :D

btw, I found man in long four very handsome indeed :D

8:33 PM, December 15, 2005  

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