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Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Prayer

Lord I know that You have prepared a girl somewhere out there...the perfect one for who is compatible with me.
Someone who is able to support me through thick and thin.
Whoever she is and wherever she may be I pray that You will preserve her heart and body and protect her from all harm and danger.
I pray that you will do the same thing to me for her.
I do not know the time and day of our meeting but I know that You have it all thought out.
And I know that that day will be a joyous one for the both of us.
In Your own special time and way You will present her to me and me to her.
Whoever she is and wherever she may be, I pray that you will keep her pure.
For I believe that there is a girl out there whom You have preserved for me.
Help me also Lord that I may keep myself pure for her also.
Lord I pray that as I hand this area of my life - my marriage - up into Your hands...I pray that You will honour my request and bless it.

In Jesus' name I pray...

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