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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Yay!! Another night's off today.

Today was very exciting for me, my buddy, G, and Britney. Why? Because we had baiting lessons today.

So what's it all about? Well, we practiced on how to use our dogs to attack huh? Everyone gets a chance to be the handler and the baiter (the one who gets bitten).

I was chosen to be the handler while G was chosen to be the baiter. However, G would not be the baiter for Britney as he is one of her handlers with me. So my baiter was another guy. While G was baiter for Marco...a big German Shephard.

When it was my turn to practice, I brought Britney out of her kennel. After that I stood beside her waiting for the baiter to come out. However, Britney kept looking backwards (I think she knew that there's a baiter there). She was fierce and kept tugging on the leash.

Then when the baiter came out and shouted at us, Britney became even more excited. I held her back before she could attack the baiter. Then I warned the baiter that I will release the dog. He still refuse to listen (he is suppose to do that by the way). Hence I released the dog.

What followed was chaos...the baiter was screaming (ARGHH!!....UGHHH!!'s fake screaming to make it more dramatic), Britney was in a frenzy biting at the baiter's protected sleeve (the sleeve is suppose to protect the baiter...this is a practice...not a real one) and the rest were behind watching and if they were watching a soccer match.

After a few seconds (around 10 seconds), I called Britney back. The baiter ran back to his place.

Next was Karto...a big German Shephard, his baiter was this guy called O. This practice group was more funny.

O was a big sized guy. However, he is also very blur (sorry offence).

Why do I say that he is blur? Well because he himself has confessed it

"Don't ask me...I very blur one...everything also don't know", Ong.

And secondly, an incident which almost caused his buddy, Teo, to be bitten by their dog Balto, a German Shephard.

The incident goes like this. Both of them were in the kennel playing with Balto. Teo was petting his head while Ong was playing with the tail. Then Ong went to touch some part of Balto (which I still do not know where). This caused Balto to growl. Two trainees in a small kennel with an angry dog. Would you be scared? They sure are. Ong immediately went out of the cage and locked it. He forgot that his buddy Teo is still inside. Teo started to panic. Luckliy, Balto stopped the growling and went back to normal. Teo was relieved that he was not bitten. He turned to look at Ong who was just outside the kennel...what followed was vulgarities and shouts from Teo (this was what attracted my attention and this was how I got to know of this incident). Ong just smiled and laughed.

Now back to our baiting lesson.

The handler came out with Karto. When O charged out, Karto was ready to attack. However, when his handler gave the "Attack" command, O moved back. Karto couldn't reach O as he was still tied to his leash (In this practice session all of us were required to leash our dogs still as it was the first time we were doing this). Then the IC went to O and told him that he should let the dog bite him and not run away. So everything was restarted.

However, this time, when Karto was told to attack, Karto just walked to O and sniffed around before returning to the handler. We were all like "What?!" and started to laugh. So the IC gave O a long stick to hit Karto in order to agitate it to attack. So everthing was restarted again.

This time, O charge with his stick. We all shouted at him to use the stick, knowing that he is very blur and will forget. However, O looked at us and said "Orh"...then he dropped the stick on the floor. Now we laughed even harder. "You are suppose to hit the dog with it and not drop it on the floor!!" they all shouted. He looked at us and said "Orh" again. As you might have expect, everything was restarted.

This time O charged with his stick. He stretched his stick out and almost hit Karto. Guess what...Karto ran back to the owner...I guess Karto is afraid of the stick. How is Karto ever going to be a guard dog?

This time, the IC gave up and asked the next practice group to come in.


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