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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dog Handler has been 10 days already since I entered the Dog Handler Course. far things have been going fine except for a few surprises here and there.

Today we just did the Theory Test for our course and I must say that things went well. The test was manageable for that I was able to answer most of the questions (like my rank and name and my IC number). However, others in the same course commented that it was very difficult. It's not surprising as most of us (in fact all of us) did not really study for it. But it's surprising that I was able to do it. I only did some last-minute browsing through just like the others. Well maybe it's because I paid more attention during classes (I did sleep through some's only one).

This reminded me of the days in NJC (National Junior College) when last-minute revision was the most common form of study for most of us.

"Hey, do you know where's the aortic valve located?"

"It's somewhere at your heart."

"I also know it's at your heart. But which part?"

"It's at the aortic valve there."

It's no wonder that some of us failed.

Then there's study groups.

"Hey, what's Fleming's Right Hand Rule for?"

"Hm...not sure. By the way, what if Fleming was handicapped and did not have both hands? Then there won't be all this stuff to study already."

"Hey, you are right...hahahaha."

Now back to the Dog Handler Course...

The Theory Test is now over...what's next is the Practical Test...the Big One...and it falls on...tomorrow. Ouch!

This is the killer one. It is so as you'll be tested on how you prowl with your dog and whether your dog listens to you. As you can see, this test depends heavily on your dog's performance...for me, it's Britney's performance.

There are cases when the dogs decide to "sabotage" the handlers by messing everything up on the test day.

For example, when the handler asked the dog to attack the intruder, the dog would just go over to the intruder...sniff here and there before coming back to the handler. What's worse is that the dog will at times pee right in front of the examiner. Then there's this case when the handler asked the dog to come back to him the dog went to examiner and sat beside him! It's not that the handlers treat their dogs badly. It's just unlucky I would say. Dogs have their moods and's very unpredictable as to how they will behave.

Britney so far has been a good girl in that in practice sessions she behaved very well. Sit when told to sit and stayed when told to stay. I must say that I am happy to have her as my dog for this course. Hopefully she will behave just as well on the test day itself...which is tomorrow.

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